Your real estate newsletter can be a great way to generate more interest in featured listings. You can use it to keep in contact with potential leads, current clients, past clients, and many other people. If you don’t have a real estate newsletter, it’s time to start one.

However, not all newsletters are the same. There are ways to make sure you get better engagement and ways to connect better with the right people. Let’s look at some of the top real estate newsletter tips you can use.

Target Leads, Clients, and Agents



Of course, you want to send your real estate newsletter to leads and current clients. You also want it to go out to the right agents in your area. Since you can feature a list of buyers you are working with, along with what they are looking for, other agents will be happy to receive your newsletter.

With a real estate newsletter, you can also include featured listings. This means if an agent has a property that fits with what a buyer you have is looking for or they have a buyer that fits with one of your featured listings, they can contact you.

Include Blog Posts

You spent time writing the posts or paid a writer to create them, so why not get as much out of them as possible? Including recent blog posts in your real estate newsletter can help you better engage with your audience. Your posts will add value and subject diversity to your newsletter if you do it right.

As long as your blog posts are not just real estate reports, they can be very powerful in your newsletter. Writing about community events, attractions, restaurants, and some real estate topics can help draw your audience to open and read your real estate newsletter.

Adding four or more blog posts per month to a monthly newsletter can be very powerful. It can get more people on your website reading blog posts and help brand you in front of your leads and clients.

Show Off Sold Properties

If you take listings for sellers, you want to show off any properties you have sold recently. You can split your listing section into featured listings, pending offers, and sold. This will help to show off your success without coming across as someone that is bragging.

Include a Personal Letter

A personal letter highlighting what you are seeing in the local market and talking about what is going on right now can also be very powerful. You can wish your readers a Merry Christmas, happy spring, and many other things throughout the year, too.

When you include a personal letter, it can help you connect with your audience better. It also gives you another opportunity to show off your expertise to the local market.

Use Snappy Headlines

Your subject line is the most important headline and will help you get more people to open your real estate newsletter. Make sure it’s snappy and catches the attention of your audience. This isn’t the only headline, however.

Throughout your newsletter, you will have sections that can also have their own headlines. You can include a table of contents at the very beginning to help make it easier for readers to find what they want to see. 

Each section needs a good headline. It should be clear, and concise, and help guide the reader to the right place.

Use Calls to Action Throughout

There are many goals you might have with a real estate newsletter, but the main goal is often to get more traffic to your website. When you send out your newsletter, you likely want to see a spike in traffic to your website. This is easier to achieve with calls to action.

Use a call to action and link to different areas of your website. For example, every featured listing should have a call to action that links to that listing on your website. You can also do this with each blog post. 

There are many ways to make sure you have an incredible real estate newsletter to send out every week or month. With these tips, you can increase the engagement and deliverability of your newsletter.

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