Buying A Home

does not have to be intimidating

When you set out to buy a home there are so many questions that run through your mind, regardless if this is your first time or fifth time as a homebuyer.  And the newer to the process you are, the more overwhelming it can feel.  At Elite Agents, we recognize that for most people, buying a house is the largest investment they will ever make – which is why our sales process begins and ends with you. We’re real estate experts and will share with you all the cutting-edge tools and insider expertise we have to help you move through the home buying journey with confidence.

Our real estate agents listen closely to your desires, concerns, and questions and offer tailored guidance that will help you identify your needs, determine your purchasing power, and find and buy the home of your dreams. We work as a collaborative team with every agent striving to provide the same genuine, client-centric, and proactive customer service we’re known for. Regardless of which Elite Agent you work with, you’ll be getting top-quality care along with the insight and support of our entire organization.

Elite Agents are committed to going the extra mile and providing you with top-tier, “elite” service. As our client, you’ll get access to high-tech tools and information that will streamline the purchase process and make finding a home more enjoyable.

Our Process

begins & ends with you


When searching for your dream home, your Elite Agent will:
  • Walk you through what you can expect during the home buying process
  • Discuss your wants and needs as well as what you’d like to avoid in your next home
  • Review affordability and discuss pre-approval terms or limits (if you’ve been preapproved)
  • Explain market conditions and help you determine what neighborhoods meet your location, wish list, and lifestyle requirements
  • Answer any questions you may have along the way
  • Identify and show you homes that meet your criteria out of the abundance of houses for sale
  • Help you evaluate homes at showings and narrow your choices for easier decision-making


When you find a house you love, your Elite Agent will:
  • Communicate with the seller’s agent on your behalf to gather pertinent information about the house
  • Lead you through evaluating the pros and cons of the property
  • Run a report on comparable homes and assist you in determining an appropriate offer price
  • Advise and guide you throughout the negotiation process including making an offer and potentially competing with other buyers, navigating counter-offers from the seller, acceptance, escrow, and ultimately closing on your next home

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