Finding a house to call home is hard. It’s stressful and too many people let you down in the process. At least that’s how I felt before I met Sara. My parents never owed a home of their own. We moved from rental property to rental property. Growing up, I realized that my parents spent so much on rent that they could have bought 2 houses by now. I decided to start my house journey early. I went through 4/5 agencies before I found Sara,by that time my hope was gone. I felt like I would never be able to own a home, and with Covid on the rise finding home was difficult & getting approved for the mortgage was strict ,as well. Sara gave me all the resources. All I had to do was follow instructions and boom like that I was approved and into my new home. The process to build my credit and get everything situated for the loan was 1-2 month. I told sara what I was looking for price range and space. With in 2 days she showed so many houses. Her schedule was on point and always on time. I am truly blessed to find a real estate agent like her. She works hard for you and understands every costumer has a story, gets stressed, and has a time frame on when they want to move. She respected all aspects. Best part she didn’t care what time it was. She work around the clock to ease my stress, worries and to explain each concept I had questions on in the contracts. If you feel helpless and are given the run around from realtors, call sarah and she will make you a homeowner fast. I am 22 years and a homeowner thanks to sara and her team.

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