Sherry Parnell


I have been a Realtor for 30 plus years and have developed some wonderful relationships with my customers these many years.  I have been married for over fifty years and have three adult children who have adult children.  We believe in getting married and having kids ever after I guess. I am a member of the River Oaks Lions Club, very active in my community and past president of the chamber of commerce.  A member of McKinney Bible Church.  I do dog rescue for ugly dogs no one else wants.  I re-home them after they are fixed and have their shots. I try to prove buying and selling a home can be done right (because of my expertise) but still be fun.

What motivates you?
People and being of service to my customers is my primary goal.

What do you love about real estate?
The chance to change lives.

Sherry is an expert of the Fort Worth area and especially the cities of River Oaks, Westworth Village, and Lake Worth.  Connect with Sherry today for your real estate needs:

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