Andresa Newbold



I am a wife of a retired (20 year) Navy SEAL. I started my career working with luxury restaurants and hotel developers in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Then, after getting married, I started to help military families to find their dream homes in San Diego and Virginia Beach. I always believed that every client is unique and their demands should been met with honesty and hard work.

Being active in my community and changing veterans’ lives is a big part of our family mission. My business life is a continuation of what I believe as a person, which is we should value every human being no matter the circumstances.

What motivates you?
I thrive in making buyers/sellers feel like they are getting the best deal in their homes. Most of my top clients are recurring clients.

What do you love about real estate?
I love to make people feel like they got a deal while they buy the home of their dreams.

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