Neal Crisp



My name is H. Neal Crisp. I have been in real estate for about 15 years both in sales and investment. I’ve been in the D/FW area for going on 18 years and before that I was in real estate in Indianapolis where I was born. I have also been in the aviation industry for a good part of the time that I have been a Realtor. I love to fly and have raised my family to be world travelers. I think travel is a truly important way to learn about people and about yourself and its helped me in both of my careers.

What motivates you?
My family motivates me as I know it does my clients. Beyond my family, my motivation comes from an internal drive to pursue excellence in my personal and professional life. I think of my clients like family and nothing is more important to me than family! I would want someone working with one of my kids to treat them fairly, honestly and to the best of their abilities and that is exactly what I keep in my mind when working my clients and customers!

What do you love about real estate?
I love real estate because unlike other types of sales real estate may be compared to…it is very different in that this sale, or lease, is about where one will live their life. Real estate for me is helping folks find the place they will call home; where they will live and love and share their lives with their families. Nothing is more personal or special than being a part of that process and its my great honor to help my clients find their new home! It is much more than a job to me…its an honor to be a small part of my clients lives by helping them find their home!

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