Ebony Hansberry



Representing Texas homeowners and future homeowners, Ebony is committed to listening to clients’ needs and utilizing her keen negotiating skills to ensure a successful transaction.

Raised in the South, Ebony Hansberry understands the need to have good values and the ability to rise above the noise. Having worked in the accounting sector for 10 years, Ebony became a realtor in 2012 in which she quickly noticed that she was where she belonged. Ebony’s ability to ask the right questions to better fulfill her clients’ needs sparked a new interest. In 2015, she became a mortgage loan officer to help client’s understand the financial side of securing a mortgage loan. She became highly valuable and referred by past clients as well as colleagues who regarded her edge of knowing both sides of the deal.

Ebony Hansberry is a very private and loving person who enjoys reading and travelling with family. Once you have worked with her as your champion realtor, you too will know you are family as well.

What motivates you?
I am motivated by love of my family and the opportunity of freedom. I am motivated by the impoverished communities with the need of improvement. I am motivated by the opportunity to approach each day with a better outcome as the day before.

What do you love about real estate?
I love that real estate affords the opportunity to make everyday people fulfill their dreams and goals with my assistance.

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