Anson Wheat


Born and raised 2 miles from TCU in Wedgewood where my grandparents bought their first new home in 1968. My dad was a FWPD officer for 30 plus years and served in the navy. My mom and dad met at FWPD which leads to me and how I got here.

I love to give so I feel I have a bunch more patience and energy to offer than most. I worked in the oilfield and have boy/girl twins. I’m a single dad that gets his kids every time I get the chance. Switching to real estate has given me the flexibility to be in their life and allows me to be the best single dad I can possibly be! I feel grace is one of my sales tactics/abilities that goes very far in my industry, too much to tell really.

What motivates you?

What do you love about real estate?
People and stories.

Anson is a real estate expert of the Parker and Tarrant County areas of DFW.  Connect with Anson today for your real estate needs:

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