Anson Wheat


Born and raised 2 miles from TCU in Wedgewood where my grandparents bought their first new home in 1968. My dad was a FWPD officer for 30 plus years and served in the navy. My mom and dad met at FWPD which leads to me and how I got here.

I love to give so I feel I have a bunch more patience and energy to offer than most. I worked in the oilfield and have boy/girl twins. I’m a single dad that gets his kids every time I get the chance. Switching to real estate has given me the flexibility to be in their life and allows me to be the best single dad I can possibly be! I feel grace is one of my sales tactics/abilities that goes very far in my industry, too much to tell really.

What motivates you?

What do you love about real estate?
People and stories.

Anson is a real estate expert of the Parker and Tarrant County areas of DFW.  Connect with Anson today for your real estate needs:

Anson’s Testimonials

We used Anson to sell our luxury lake home in November.  Despite the busy holidays and flooded market, Anson stepped up and helped us close on our house in less than one month.  My wife and I our very cautious on letting people in and… Read more “”


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