Are you making as much commission as you could be?

How does 100% commission sound?

The Real Estate Industry Continues to Change Rapidly

Sellers are less and less willing to sell their homes for a 6% commission.  Buyers often want cash back/rebates at closing.  You’re also now competing with the iBuyer companies that have moved in to your market.  If you earn 1% commission on a sale and then have to give half of that to your broker, well, that’s got to hurt!

Agents Working With Us Are Getting 100% of Their Commission

And by 100%, we mean 100%, not 100% minus transaction fees, E&O fees, “technology” fees, or any other fees.  We also provide you with technology, tools, and support you need to be successful.  There’s no reason to stay with a brokerage that’s still doing things the old way and splitting commissions like it’s 20 years ago.

Agent Sponsorship

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LLC Sponsorship

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“I did my research and visited other brokers. Upon meeting Kari King I knew this was the brokerage for my team. Kari is out going, professional, easy to reach, and always willing to help. The Elite Agents marketing is clean and crisp. Elite Agents also allows each agent to market themselves and save money. I am now able to provide a more extensive service to my buyers and sellers. I highly recommend Elite Agents if you’re looking to take your real estate business to the next level and stay ahead of this industry.”

Michelle Lee-Wilder

Elite Agents REALTOR®

“I was so glad to find Kari.  I’d talked to a couple of other brokers who sponsored LLC’s and they were not as quick to respond, organized to answer questions or frankly, seem excited about what they are doing. I’m so happy I took the time to interview several.  They are not all alike.  I’ll admit I was nervous about all the paperwork and steps needed to get the LLC set up.  Other brokers glossed over it quickly, but Kari had a step by step, written tutorial on her website that walked me through the whole process from E&O insurance and Secretary of State obligations to TREC and Board requirements.  And every time I’ve reached out with a question I’ve heard back within minutes.”

Cindy Allen


Start Earning What You Deserve

Even if you don’t join us, we highly encourage to explore your options and make the most out of this career for you!

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