If you’re trying to find more time, eliminating some tasks from your list can help. Many real estate tasks can be outsourced. Real estate outsourcing is a great way to focus on growing your business.

A real estate business requires you to do many different things. However, the most important tasks are the ones you need to focus on. You can spend more time with clients, more time finding new clients and more time growing your business when you practice real estate outsourcing.

Figuring out what you can outsource starts with looking at tasks that have very little or nothing to do with real estate. However, the best agents understand many real estate tasks can also be outsourced. Let’s look at both categories and what tasks you can outsource this year.



Top 5 Non-Real Estate Tasks You Can Outsource

1. Lawncare

Do you give up time to mow your lawn every weekend? Are you someone that doesn’t enjoy mowing the lawn? You can outsource this task to someone else.

If you need complete landscaping, outsource it. Of course, if this is something you enjoy enough to consider it a hobby, don’t outsource it. You can save time every week by simply having someone handle your mowing task.

2. Search Engine Optimization

You can outsource your SEO to someone else. This is a big deal as showing up higher in the search engine results is important. However, performing good SEO can be incredibly time-consuming.

There are plenty of professional teams that can handle your SEO. You can even hire an individual to handle this or just have specific SEO tasks done, on occasion. For most agents with their own real estate website, hiring a team to handle monthly SEO tasks is smart.

3. Bookkeeping and Accounting

Hiring an accountant to handle your financial tasks is a big time-saver. It can help you to avoid having to do any bookkeeping, payroll tasks, or accounting. When you outsource these tasks, you save time, and you can also avoid stress.

4. Household Cleaning Tasks

Do you find that you don’t have time to clean your house or you just don’t enjoy doing it? Hire someone to clean your home every week for you. This can save you time and make your home cleaner.

5. Laundry

Did you know dry cleaning services and laundromats will do your laundry for you? Laundry might not be something you have time for or want to do. If so, you can have someone else take care of it for you.

Plus, since you need to look great, as a professional, this ensures your clothing will be cleaned properly.

Top 5 Real Estate Tasks You Can Outsource

1. Administrative Tasks



Not all administrative tasks relate directly to real estate, but they still need to be done. You can hire someone as an in-office assistant or a virtual assistant to order supplies, schedule appointments, answer phone calls, answer emails, and more.

Any administrative task can likely be outsourced to an assistant. This can save you a ton of time. Maybe they can even help with your marketing or your CRM management.

2. Delegate Transaction Tasks

By using a transaction coordinator, you can save a ton of time. Some brokerages offer this service, but others don’t. Even if your brokerage doesn’t offer a Transaction Coordinator, you can hire one online. They can handle about 90% of the closing tasks for you.

On average, you might be able to save as much as 16 hours per transaction by using a transaction coordinator.

3. Prospect Calls

You may not need to handle all your prosect calls. These calls can eat up a ton of time, but they are vitally important to your business. An assistant can handle some of these calls for you, or all of them.

4. Pay Per Click Marketing

Most of your marketing tasks can be outsourced to professionals that specialize in a specific area. PPC marketing is rather important to your business. It can also be very time-consuming. 

Unless you’re an expert at PPC marketing, hire someone that is. This is another type of task you can simply pay a monthly fee to a professional to handle for you.

5. Marketing Material Design

You can hire an assistant and have them create your infographics, digital flyers, print materials, and social media graphics. This can take a very time-consuming real estate task off your list. Plus, if you hire an assistant with design experience, they might be able to provide better graphics for you.

If you’re assistant isn’t great at design, you can hire a design professional. This type of person will be able to provide excellent marketing materials for you and you won’t have to take the time to do it yourself.

There are many tasks you can outsource this year. If you’re looking for ways to gain more time back or focus on growing your real estate business this year, outsource these tasks.

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