If you want to become a top-earning real estate agent, you have to think like a top-earning real estate agent. The best agents have specific priorities and they know what matters most to their success.

From becoming organized to nurturing leads, you have to understand the right real estate agent priorities, if you want to succeed. Let’s look at some of the priorities of top-earning real estate agents.

Organizational System

It all starts with your organizational system and you may need to spend some time in the trial and error phase to figure out what works best for you. Every agent is a bit different and there isn’t a one-size-fits-all system.

The best way to figure out the right system for you is to speak with your broker. They may have a system you can use and customize to fit your specific needs.

Plan Everything

A good daily plan is one of the must-have tools of every real estate agent. Top earning real estate agents prioritize their most important tasks by planning every single day. They know what has to be done and when they need to meet with clients.

Top earning agents don’t magically get more time than everybody else. They still have 168 hours every week, but they know how to get the most out of every single minute. When you make planning your days a priority, you’ll find better success as a real estate agent.

Customer Service

Today’s real estate world is highly competitive and you have to set yourself apart if you want to become a top-earning real estate agent. Prioritizing customer service is vital to your success. Some of the ways to set yourself apart with customer service include:

  • Responding to inquiries as quickly as possible
  • Remaining incredibly transparent with clients
  • Putting the client first as your top focus
  • Go above and beyond whenever possible
  • Listen to your clients and take notes


Another huge priority of top-earning real estate agents is networking. This part of the agent’s job never stops and it’s one of the most important priorities.

If you want to gain success in real estate, learn how to network. Social media offers a great networking tool. You can also join professional groups in your area and attend events with the Chamber of Commerce and other community organizations.

Following Up

​When you compare the priorities of a mid-level real estate agent and a top-earning real estate agent, you will likely find following up higher on the list for the top earner. This real estate agent priority separates the best from the good and the just okay agents.

When you discover the art of following up after every interaction with a lead, client, or other professional, you will start to see a transformation. Investing in a good CRM or working with a broker offering a CRM, such as Elite Agents, will certainly make following up much easier.

Put Relationships Before Sales

Top earning real estate agents also tend to prioritize building relationships over making sales. If you’re always trying to sell and you’re not working on building the relationship, you’ll come off desperate and you’ll likely lose out on both fronts.

Develop relationships first and the sales will follow, along with a flood of referrals and repeat business.

If you’ve been working as a real estate agent for a few years and you’ve found some success, but you’re ready to take it to the next level, check your priorities. When you get your real estate agent priorities in line, you’ll be able to build the foundation of a top-earning real estate agent.

NOTE: This article was written prior to the COVID-19 restrictions but now is a great time to fine tune your organizational skills, follow up with clients (current and past) and network online while social distancing. 

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