As a real estate agent, it’s always a good idea to find ways to provide better customer service. Here are some of the top real estate tech tools you can use to provide better service for your customers.

Boomerang for Gmail



If you use Gmail for your email services, you can use a tool called Boomerang to help you stay on top of emails. This tool allows you to control when an email is sent and can help provide reminders to ensure you reach out to clients and prospects when you need to.

The tool can even put emails back into your inbox if you don’t receive a response from a lead within a certain amount of time. They have a free basic plan and a plan with a monthly fee.


Another great real estate tech tool that can help you better serve your clients is Hyperlapse. This tool can allow you to create time-lapse videos on your iPhone and share them with your clients. They can take a quick neighborhood or home tour with this tool and you can show your buyers how committed you are. The app will work with both Android and iPhone and it’s free.


A great real estate tech tool for staying organized, Evernote offers a cool app you can use with your phone or tablet. It can even be used on your desktop and it will store all types of files to help you stay organized. You can easily use this tool for marketing, tracking, networking, and communicating, as well.




Another cool real estate tech tool you can use to provide better customer service is Circleback. This app will help you keep your contact list organized and clean. It will make sure your contacts are always updated and have accurate information. They offer many different plans with several unique features to ensure you stay on top of your contact list.


The go-to tool for your open house, Spacio helps you capture leads without worrying about handwriting or smudged pen ink. You can use Spacio to ensure you get accurate information at an open house and you don’t have to even input any of the information manually.

There are several great real estate tech tools to help with your customer service. If you want to provide better customer service, these apps will help you stay organized, remember to reach out to leads, and provide other features to ensure you provide a valuable service to every lead and every client.

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