The right real estate CRM will make a pretty big difference. As a real estate agent, you need the best tools to become successful.  If you’re looking for a great CRM option for your real estate business, you need to know which ones are the top choices. Let’s look at some of the top real estate CRM options for 2021.

What is a Real Estate CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and a real estate CRM is a type of software. It’s a tool you will use to track your leads, your interactions with your leads, automate the follow-up process, and more. Many CRMs provides several other tools you can use and some will even allow you to build a website and blog connected to the CRM.

Top 7 Real Estate CRM Options to Consider in 2021



1. Top Producer

One of the oldest real estate CRM options on the market is Top Producer. It’s known as one of the top choices with plenty of tools and features you can use to run your business. You can connect it directly with your MLS and the data feed will pull around 300 data points for all listings.

This CRM costs between $33.33 and $80 per month depending on your payment arrangement and plan option. It provides excellent integrations with plenty of options, such as Zillow Premier Agent, Mojo Dialer, and others. 

Top Producer also provides transaction management and advanced drip campaigns. If you want to automate your email, this is one of the better ways to do it.

2. IXACT Contact


An all-in-one real estate agent solution known as a CRM, IXACT Contact is a great choice. It’s one of the best for the money with pricing starting at $33 per month. If you’re a newer agent with a license less than a year old, you can use IXACT Contact for free. This is a pretty big deal for new agents.

The design of IXACT Contact is a big part of what makes it so great. It’s designed with the intent to make it easy to use. The pipeline tool is easy to navigate and the names of the tools actually make sense.

With IXACT Contact, you can manage your social stream, emailing, follow-ups, and so much more from one CRM. You can even send out bulk mail easily with this CRM.

3. HubSpot

HubSpot offers a free real estate CRM you can use for your business. It’s a good choice for following up and keeping track of leads. HubSpot is known as a leader in the digital marketing space. If you want a free real estate CRM, this is one of the better choices to consider.


4. LionDesk



Starting at $25 per month, LionDesk is known as a great option for real estate agents. If you want a real estate CRM with plenty of features and a 30-day free trial, this is the right choice for you. It has been upgraded quite a bit since it launched and has become one of the best CRM options today.

This CRM offers video messaging, excellent customer service, and many incredible features for a lower cost than some of the other options.

Plans range from $21 per month to $99 per month depending on your plan and payment option. LionDesk is much easier to use than some of the other CRM options. It’s easy to learn and provides a user-friendly option. 

Bulk texting is a big feature of this CRM, along with click-to-call. The artificial intelligence lead follow-up feature makes it possible to automatically follow up, too. While LionDesk does quite a bit right, it’s not the best when it comes to transaction management or the pipeline.

5. REsimpli

Another good real estate CRM is the REsimpli CRM. this CRM offers plenty of great tools and even allows you to track five phone numbers. You can easily see where your leads are coming from and use the tools to follow up. REsimpli offers tools, such as direct mailouts, business cards, text-blasting, a website, and more. 

You can set up auto-drip campaigns through this tool using text messages, ringless voicemails, and more. They offer excellent KPI-tracing to help you see the good and the bad of your follow-ups. REsimpli even offers built-in accounting software.

6. Propertybase

The Salesforce Edition CRM from Propertybase is a very robust option for your real estate CRM. It’s full of great features and offers a great way to track leads and follow up.

This CRM is a great choice for larger teams and brokerages. It’s more expensive at $79 per user, per month, but it’s worth it for larger teams. You will get quite a bit for the cost.

With Propertybase, you get the MLS interface, a salesforce-based platform, the ability to send mass emails, and so much more. You can use this CRM with third-party plugins to integrate a dialer and texting. It can also be used with other plugins.

7. Wise Agent

Starting at $29 per month, Wise Agent is another good CRM option for real estate agents. However, it can seem a bit outdated, at times. It feels like using an older program, but it does have excellent automation options and support. 

There is only one plan option from Wise Agent. It’s either $29 per month or $25 per month if you pay annually. For this cost, you get many great features including the ability to integrate with other companies, A/B test, automatic email responders, SMS texting, and more. 

However, the platform looks dated and could use a facelift. Outside of this, it’s a good CRM for real estate agents looking to keep track of their leads.

If you’re looking for the right real estate CRM option for 2021, these seven options are the right choice. Any of them will provide you a good choice to manage your business and your leads. Do your own research and consider each one before making your final decision.

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