As a real estate agent, there are many ways you can help your clients. Of course, finding the right house for buyers and getting the home of a seller sold is your main duty. However, you can build lasting relationships with clients in many other ways.

Offering up great moving tips can help your clients save money and time. Do you think they will come back to use you again if you help them save money and time? Is it possible that some simple moving tips could get you more referrals?

Of course! Happy clients are always happy to help you by referring others to you. While providing top moving tips now might not pay off tomorrow, it could lead you to many new referrals over the next year, two years, or even five years. Plus, having your clients come back when they need an agent again will also help your bottom line.

If you want to make your clients happy, use the following moving tips to help them save money and time.

Top 7 Moving Tips You Can Provide Your Real Estate Clients



1. Downsizing Before Listing/Buying

Downsizing is a great tip you can provide your clients. Not only will it make moving easier, but it will also make the home less cluttered. A decluttered home makes for better listing pictures.

When it comes to moving, it’s one of the best times to downsize the things a person owns. Giving your clients this tip can help them go through the things they have and get rid of what they don’t need. Whether they donate to a thrift store or have a garage sale, downsizing certainly helps save time and money when they move.

2. Consider Using a Professional


While hiring a professional moving company costs money, it can save a ton of time. Even a local move can be accomplished much faster with a professional moving crew.

As a real estate agent, you can have a couple of really good moving companies you can refer clients to. This can help make their move into a new home much easier and smoother. They can save a ton of time and energy by hiring professional movers.

3. Recommend the Color System

A color-coding system can make unpacking in a new home so much easier. This system simply includes assigning a color to each room of the house. Then, when a box from that room is packed, it gets that color with either a sticker or that color of marker. 

When the boxes arrive at the new home, they can easily be taken into the right rooms of the home. This can help clients save plenty of time when unpacking.

4. Start Planning ASAP

Even if your client won’t be moving for 6 weeks or longer, it’s still time to start planning for the move. Any size move can be a hassle. The sooner they start planning, the easier it will be on moving day.

5. Pack a First Night Bag/Box



Often, when people move into a new home, they don’t want to unpack everything right away. They might be worn out from the drive, from unloading the truck, or just from the stress of buying a home and moving. 

Let your clients know they should pack a first night bag or box and this should either travel with them in their vehicle or be packed up last. Then, when they arrive at their new home, if they are too tired to unpack everything, this bag or box is all they will need.

Packing some toiletries, a change of clothes, a few kitchen items, and other essentials for the first night in a new home will help. Even if they get the truck unloaded, it can be a chore to find the things you need right from the get-go. This box or bag can be a life-saver on night one.

6. Use the Things You Already Own 

Most people own luggage, laundry baskets, and other things they can use to pack up at least some of their things. Buying moving boxes and supplies can get rather expensive. Giving this tip to your clients can certainly help save them money.

There are many things they already own that work great for packing up for a move. Blankets, towels, newspapers, and other things can be used to protect fragile items. Bags, suitcases, drawers, laundry baskets, and other items can be used to pack up some of the things they own.

While some boxes and other supplies might be necessary, this tip can save your clients some money.

7. Talk to the Utility Companies Early

Having a set date and time when the utilities will be shut off/on or switched over to a new name is necessary. If you end up paying for the utilities in your old home or a new home for even one extra day, it could cost you more money than necessary. This can be dealt with about a month ahead of time and can ensure you don’t pay for anything you don’t need.

Plus, when you set up the internet, cable, phone lines, water, electricity, and gas to be turned on in your new home on time, you won’t go without. 

As a real estate agent, you can provide a helpful moving sheet as a part of a new client packet. It can outline the movers you recommend, list the area utility companies, and provide these helpful tips. It’s a great way to help create lasting relationships with your new clients.

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