Getting real estate leads is at least half the job of a successful real estate agent. You want to make sure you have plenty of leads because leads turn into buyers and listings.

There are many ways to get good real estate leads. Most of the best ways will require you to pay, but there are some good free sources, too. Let’s look at some of the top free sources for real estate leads.

Social Media (The Best Free Source for Real Estate Leads)



Of course, the first place you should start is with social media. When you have a good presence on social media, you can get free real estate leads without even trying, sometimes. Make sure you’re active on all the major platforms and use high-quality photos.

Facebook is a great choice for those that prefer to write a bit more. However, you can use each platform in a different way. Pictures and videos go a long way on all social media platforms and can help you stand out.

If you’re just starting with social media, focus on one platform until you master it. Then, move on to incorporating another platform. You can get a ton of organic traffic to your website from social media and plenty of free real estate leads.

Your Community

Of course, anytime you attend a community event, it’s a place where you can find free real estate leads. Make sure you have a pocket full of business cards and you’re ready to hand them out. A face-to-face meeting can be a great way to gain the trust of someone and get new leads.

While community events are great, you don’t have to attend events to meet people. If you’re just social when you’re out and about, you will meet people and find free real estate leads.

Your Real Estate Website

Your website can go a long way to gaining you free real estate leads, or at least cheap real estate leads. You want to make sure you have all your listings on your website, a powerful blog, and other information, too. It’s important to focus on search engine optimization and connecting your website with your social media profiles.

If you’re trying to reach new real estate leads, blogging can give you a great tool. Not only can every blog post become listed on search engines, but it also gives you something to share on your social media platforms. Plus, you can show off your expertise to your audience through blogging.


You can show off your expertise and gain real estate leads through YouTube. This video platform will give you a place to post about what’s going on in the market, provide tips, and give viewers helpful information. You can do short or long videos and build up a following on YouTube.

Facebook Marketplace

Putting your listings on Facebook Marketplace can help you find real estate leads. This has become a very common place for buyers to look and you can even step it up a notch by promoting your listings. 

Instead of giving out all the details on Facebook Marketplace, you want to provide a little bit of information. Then, lead those looking at your listings to contact you or go to your website for more information. This can help you build up a mailing list and collect more real estate leads.

FSBOs and Expired Listings

Many real estate agents find new leads by contacting for-sale-by-owner listings and expired home listings. Maybe the person with the FSBO listing has struggled to sell their home and they are open to working with a real estate agent. This could also be the case with an expired listing.

Both provide great options for finding good and free real estate leads. If you become good at finding leads from these sources, you can always have warm leads to turn into listings.

Housewarming Parties

After you help a buyer find a home, you can hold a housewarming party for them. Let them invite all their friends and family and you have an instant source of free real estate leads. This can even be done over video, if you don’t want to hold it in person.

Referrals (The Most Reliable Source of Real Estate Leads)



Of course, the most reliable and best way to get high-quality and free real estate leads are from referrals. When past clients refer someone to you, it’s a very warm lead that can easily turn into a buyer or a seller. In fact, the National Association of Realtors found that 64% of real estate agents found referrals from neighbors, friends, or relatives. This means they don’t even have to be a past client!

Referrals have also been documented as the most reliable source for free leads by many experts in the industry. It can lead to repeat business and a higher profit margin compared to any other source of leads.

Online Reviews

Before the Internet took off, word of mouth was a very powerful form of advertising. It still is, but the new word of mouth is online reviews. If you can get good online reviews, it can help you get free real estate leads. there are many places to have past clients post a review about you online.

Millennials will actually go to multiple websites to check out your review before they pick up the phone. They are about 30% of the buyers in the market, so having good reviews can really help you get real estate leads.

There are many ways to get free real estate leads for your business. Make sure you explore all the many options and choose the ones that work best for you.

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