Social media is one of the best places to market if you’re a Realtor. With the right social media tips for Realtors, you can find all kinds of leads using Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and other platforms.

If you don’t enjoy cold calling or door knocking, social media marketing might be the perfect fit for you. It’s easy to find leads on social media if you have a good strategy. Here are some of the top tips for Realtors to use on social media.

Social Media Tips Realtors Can Use to Find More Leads



1. Focus on the Neighborhood

Instead of just sharing your listings on social media, post about the neighborhood where the listing is found. Share pictures of the amenities, the nearby shopping, and other things buyers might be interested in.

Even if you don’t have any listings, you can post about the neighborhoods you focus on when something new is coming. Maybe a new swimming pool is getting put in or a clubhouse is being renovated. Go get a few pictures and post about it.

2. Always Use Images

All social media posts perform better with images. Whether you’re using LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, or another platform, always include an image.

3. Post About Local Events

Whenever something is happening in your area, post about it. You can even write a blog post for your website and link back to it when you post on social media.

Event posts are great for engagement and can help you gain followers. 

4. Only Post the Best Pictures

Instagram is driven by amazing images. When you post a listing on Instagram, use your very best pictures only. Stunning, high-resolution pictures on Instagram get far more engagement than lower quality images.

5. Share Success Stories

When a client is super happy with your service, ask them if you can share their story. If they agree, share the story about how you helped them find a house or get their home sold. Success stories are a huge draw on social media and help you engage with your following.

6. Share your Blog Posts

One of the best ways to use social media and drive traffic back to your website is with blog posts. Hire a writer and have them provide regular blog posts on a weekly or monthly basis. Then, schedule those blog posts to be shared on all your social media outlets.

7. Post about Awards & Accolades

If you get mentioned in an article, video, or any other form of media, share it all over social media. This goes for any awards you receive (large or small) and any accolades. Even if you achieved one of your goals, post about it.

8. Share Industry News

Your social media posts shouldn’t always be about you. Sharing industry news and community news can help you gain even more engagement.

9. Use Hashtags #

Most social media platforms have a built-in search engine for hashtags, which are just the # symbol followed by a word or two. Use hashtags to help you reach a larger market. 

You should use both general and more local or narrow hashtags to reach your audience.

10. Post Regularly 

Posting to social media only a few times a month won’t do a lot for you. It’s better if you understand how often you should be posting to each site you use. The best number of posts for each include:

  • Facebook – 1 to 3 times daily
  • Twitter – 10 to 20 times daily
  • Pinterest – 10 to 25 times daily
  • LinkedIn – A few times a week
  • Instagram – 3 to 10 times per week

It’s also important to note, with Twitter and Pinterest about 75% of the posts should be from other people. You don’t need to make all the posts about yourself or your content. Instead, share industry news, community news, event listings, and other good content from other users.

This might seem like quite a bit of work, but you can hire a social media manager to handle it all. You can also use automated postings tools, such as Tailwind, Buffer, Hootsuite, SocialOomph, and many others.

11. Post Videos/Stories

If you plan to use Instagram, you will want to posts stories as often as possible. These can be about new listings, things you’re doing that day, or anything else relevant. 

It’s also a good idea to do video posts. Even just a few simple renovation tips, buying tips, or selling tips can go a very long way. Create a series of videos sharing a daily tip to create even more content.

12. Share Quotes and Memes

Some real estate agents do very well on social media by sharing famous quotes and funny memes. You want to match these to your own style and personality. These images are easy to create and you can get quite a bit of engagement from the right quotes and memes.

There are many ways for Realtors to use social media. If you use these social media tips for Realtors, you can put together a great marketing plan to help you find more leads through social media posting and marketing.

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