Are you thinking about switching over to our 100% commission real estate agent sponsorship but concerned it will be overwhelming to change? Are you waiting to make the change because you’re concerned about your current listings and/or transactions that haven’t closed?

Making the Change to Get All of Your Real Estate Commission The process is actually very easy and we’ll help you through it!

  1. First step is to have a conversation with our broker, Kari King, and to let her know which sponsorship plan you’re interested in. If you’re not sure, Kari will walk you through the plans to help you decide.  We’ll then send our onboarding docs via DocuSign for you to sign.
  2. After signing, you’ll request sponsorship with our brokerage in the My License Services tool on the TREC website. We’ll accept your request and send you emails for accessing our systems, ordering cards, signs, etc., and other important information.
  3. You’ll also need to change your broker affiliation with your local REALTOR association.

Congratulations, you’ll then be a part of our brokerage!

Your Current Real Estate Listings and Transactions You can usually transfer your listings from your current broker when you join us.  However, this depends on your current brokerage rules so you should review your brokerage contract (if you have one) and make sure your broker will release your listings when you change sponsorship.  Keep in mind that TREC rules dictate that listings actually belong to the broker so they must give permission before the listings can be transferred.
At Elite Agents, we think listings should stay with the agent that procured them.  If you ever decide to leave our brokerage while you have listings, we will gladly sign to transfer them to your new brokerage.
Similar to listings, if you decide to change brokerages before an existing transaction has closed, you can usually still close the transaction but it will be under the commission arrangement you have with your prior broker.  In other words, you won’t be able to get the 100% commission we offer, it will be whatever amount your old broker allows.  Of course, this too depends on the rules of your old brokerage and your contract obligations with them.
You get 100% commission with us. Even if you leave our brokerage in the middle of a transaction, you’ll still get 100% of your commission from us when it closes.

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Note: We do not sponsor newly licensed agents.  Also, you must be in good standing with TREC with no complaints or disciplinary actions. Your details remain confidential - we will not share them with anyone.

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