We moved to Texas from Chicago not knowing a thing about the housing situation, and how fast homes sell. We had no idea how challenging it would be to find our perfect home– but Kari King helped us! She spent a vast amount of time showing us many homes (sometimes on very short notice) to make sure that we would get one that was perfect for us. We placed an offer on a home, only to find that it needed at least 100k more work done to it, and it was already on the high side of our price point. Kari told us that it was okay to change our minds, and that we didn’t have to buy a home that was going to make us financially struggle. She did this at a huge economic loss to herself! What real estate agent would do that unless she truly had her customers’ at heart? She saved us from a money-pit home, and helped us find another that suited our needs, and was in a better price range. We will always recommend her! And if we ever buy again (who wants to leave this great house?!), we will employ her expertise again. She is kind, courteous, honest, and truly loyal to her customers.

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