I was so glad to find Kari.  I’d talked to a couple of other brokers who sponsored LLC’s and they were not as quick to respond, organized to answer questions or frankly, seem excited about what they are doing. I’m so happy I took the time to interview several.  They are not all alike.

I’ll admit I was nervous about all the paperwork and steps needed to get the LLC set up.  Other brokers glossed over it quickly, but Kari had a step by step, written tutorial on her website that walked me through the whole process from E&O insurance and Secretary of State obligations to TREC and Board requirements. She even provides help with the TREC required operations manual.   And every time I’ve reached out with a question I’ve heard back within minutes.  I can’t guarantee she’ll always be able to get back that fast, but it sure beats other brokers I spoke to who didn’t even call back about sponsorship for a day or two.

I’ve recognized the continuing benefits of Elite’s sponsorship in just the first month as I receive regular email updates about TREC changes and more in the Elite newsletter.  And their fully built out website for agents offers branding and advertising sources, scripts, presentations and anything else you could ever need.

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