You’ve probably been on camera more in the past year than you ever thought you’d be. The real estate industry has changed and video for real estate has become a very important thing. Whether you’re considering video marketing for your real estate business or just realizing you will be using video more in the future, it’s important to understand how to use it.

Real estate is a person-to-person business and requires you to build relationships. This isn’t easy when you have to go virtual with so many things. While this person-to-person business has changed, you can still stay connected by using video. Let’s look at the value of video for your real estate business and how you can implement it.

How Valuable is Video Marketing for Real Estate?



The simple answer, it’s pretty close to priceless. Even though COVID-19 might not be with us forever and the pandemic measures will likely not impact the market for a very long time, video isn’t going anywhere.

Video tours and meetings were used more heavily than ever before due to the pandemic, but it won’t stop just because things start to go back to normal. Many buyers and sellers have found new conveniences with video tours and video meetings they won’t easily give up.

As a real estate professional, you will likely need to embrace the value of video and continue to develop your skills with video platforms and video tours. This will only allow you to become more successful as video for real estate has plenty of value and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Video Marketing for Real Estate is Powerful

With so many people going online to find the home of their dreams, you need new ways to connect with your audience. Video marketing for real estate brings in many opportunities and the statistics will show you how valuable this type of marketing is. Let’s look at just a few key stats according to

  • Emails sent to prospects receive a 96% higher click-thru rate with a video
  • Social videos offer a 1,200% higher share rate compared to texts and images together
  • Landing pages convert about 80% higher when they include a video
  • More than half of marketing professionals across the world believe video content offers the best ROI

Whether you use video marketing to build a following on social media or you add video to your landing pages, it’s a very powerful way to reach your audience. The stats above should be enough to convince you to use more video for your real estate business.

4 Benefits for Using Video for Real Estate



1. Set Yourself Apart from the Competition

If you start using video for marketing and for other reasons in your real estate business, any competitor not using video will fall behind you. It’s a great way to set yourself apart and really show your audience what you have to offer. 

Video marketing for real estate offers a way to stand out and connect with prospects before you meet them in person. You can highlight your real estate agency and what makes you different from your competition.

2. Gain Consumer Trust


According to, more than 55% of consumers say they trust video content when making a decision to buy a product or work with a company. While this might factor in more than just the real estate business, it’s clear there’s a large sector of the marketplace that wants video content.

Video marketing for real estate provides an easy way to gain trust and connect with prospects when you cannot see them in person. Even if you can meet with them, video gives them an introduction to you and helps them decide if you’re the right person for them or not.

3. Provide Better Listings

Right now, if a seller wants to list their home, they will likely not choose an agent without making sure they will create a video tour. Sellers know the power of video tours and you should, too, if you want to run a successful real estate business.

While a listing with great photos will sell faster and for more money, a listing with a video tour offers even more than just good pictures. Even a few years ago, most buyers were looking for more online visuals of the property, according to

While video tours were already becoming popular, COVID-19 moved this feature from something some agents did to something all agents have to embrace. If you want to stay up-to-date and offer your sellers the best plan to sell their house, it has to include a video tour of the property.

4. Better Connect with Your Audience

While blogging is a great way to connect with your audience, especially when you share your content on social media, video for real estate offers another way to connect. There are buyers and sellers that prefer to read, while others want to see and listen to a video.

One of the best ways to connect with your entire target audience is by combining written content with video content. You can create blog posts with videos to attract more visitors and to give you something more powerful to share on social media.

There are many benefits to embracing video for real estate and using it for marketing and connecting with prospects and clients. If you’re trying to compete, you need to use video in many different forms. Let’s look at a few tips to help you create better videos.

5 Video Creation Tips for Real Estate Agents

1. Get The Right Lighting

Whether you’re creating a video tour or shooting a video for your website, the right lighting makes a big difference. Make sure you have natural or indirect light to provide a great picture. It’s best to shoot a short test video and check the lighting before shooting the real thing.

2. Use Captions

Many people watch videos without sound, especially on Instagram. Adding captions can help your viewers understand what is going on when there’s no sound on specific channels.

3. Short is Usually Better

Unless you’re shooting a thorough video tour of a property, keep your videos short and to the point. Most people don’t want to sit down to watch a half-hour real estate video. Shorter videos tend to work best for video marketing for real estate agents.

4. Be Yourself

One of the worst things you can do is try to fake it. You don’t have to have a script, but it can certainly be helpful. Either way, be authentic and have fun with it as you shoot your videos. People want to see other people being themselves, not robots. Authenticity is more important than perfection.

5. Use CTAs

Call-to-Actions are very important with videos. You literally need to tell your audience what to do, whether it’s following you on social media, subscribe to your YouTube Channel, visit your website, or all three.

Use these tips and embrace video marketing for real estate if you want to find better success moving forward in the real estate industry.

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