Investing in your real estate professional development will help you move forward with your career. If you’re stuck after a few years in real estate, you might want to consider the path you’re on, currently.

Maybe it’s time to switch brokers. Maybe you need to explore a new specialty. Maybe you just need to invest in real estate professional development.

According to, real estate agents invest in their professional development in the following ways:

  • Taking classes and Attending Webinars
  • Reading Books
  • Hiring a Coach or Mentor
  • Reading Industry Magazines or Blogs

These are some of the best ways to invest in real estate professional development and move your career to the next level. Let’s look at each one of these options.


Taking Classes and Attending Webinars


The survey from McKissock showed this was the overwhelming favorite with 75% of those surveyed saying taking classes and attending webinars was how they invest in real estate professional development. There’s a pretty big reason for such an overwhelming majority of agents choosing this option: continuing education credits.

As a real estate agent, you know you have to earn some CE credits to keep your license. Taking online classes and attending webinars gives you this option. You can also use online real estate classes to become certified in different areas of real estate.

Expanding your knowledge is one of the best ways to move your career forward. You can become a better negotiator, learn how to price homes better, or even become a specialist with a certain type of buyer or seller by taking online courses.

There are many great real estate courses you can take that don’t fulfill your CE credits, however. Don’t skip a course just because it doesn’t count. Look at what it offers as the knowledge could be worth far more than earning a few credits.

Reading Books 


Of course, books are great for learning. There are a ton of great real estate books out there to read. With so many to choose from, the hardest part can be figuring out which books are the best. 

Choose real estate books from successful agents. Learn about the author before you buy the book and believe what it teaches.

Hiring a Coach or Mentor

Some real estate agents believe investing in their professional development means hiring a coach or a mentor. The one-on-one relationship can be very powerful. 

If you choose a good broker, you may not need to hire a coach or mentor. Good brokers can help coach you in the areas you need to move forward in your real estate career.

Reading Industry Magazines or Blogs

You can read industry magazines and blogs to learn even more about the industry. If you don’t have a lot of money to invest in real estate professional development, reading blogs offers a good, free way to gain knowledge.

Investing in real estate professional development is an ongoing process. It’s a good idea to always build your knowledge and strive to become a better real estate agent through better education.

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