It’s no secret, if you want to be successful in real estate, you have to provide an incredible real estate customer experience. In today’s changing world, this goes even further than just being friendly and knowledgeable in person. Providing a VIP real estate customer experience virtually is vital if you want to find success as a real estate agent.

With COVID-19 coming in and speeding things up, the industry has gone much more virtual over the past year. Real estate was already headed to a more virtual experience, but the pandemic certainly kicked it into high gear. 

If you’re trying to figure out how to provide a better virtual customer experience, you might be looking for a few helpful tips. Here are some of the top tips you can use to provide a VIP real estate customer experience virtually.

Top 5 Tips for a Better Virtual Customer Service Experience


1. Continue to Reach Out During Milestones

Receiving a handwritten card for an anniversary or a birthday is a nice gesture and helps you stay connected to your clients. While you can certainly mail these types of cards, you can also use social media to remind you and to reach out when someone is celebrating a milestone.

This is a great way to show your clients you care. Use Facebook lists to make things easier by organizing your clients and breaking them down into current and past clients, along with prospects. After grouping them, you can check the feed from each person to see if there are any birthdays, new babies, anniversaries, graduations, or anything else to celebrate.

2. Anticipate the Needs of Your Clients


While this is a real estate customer experience tip that can be used both virtually and in person, it makes a huge difference. With the virtual customer experience, you can set up leads with eAlerts to send them emails regularly based on the listings and the search history they have provided.

You can also use drip campaigns in your CRM to stay in connection with your leads and your clients. It’s also a good idea to set expectations from the beginning through the entire process. 

Technology can help you provide the VIP real estate customer experience without as much work on your part. Some things can be set up automatically, while other things require a more personal touch.

3. Be Prepared for Online Meetings



With the virtual customer service experience, you’ll likely be in many online meetings with Zoom, GoToMeeting, and other platforms. It’s a good idea to have a few platforms you know how to use and to enter each meeting prepared.

Customers won’t have you right there in person, so it’s a different type of experience. If you’re fully prepared for the meeting, it will go smoother and you can anticipate your client’s needs by answering all their questions to the best of your knowledge. If you don’t know the answer, you can always tell them you will find out and get back to them, too.

4. Be Compassionate

While it’s easier to be compassionate in person, it’s necessary to practice this same compassion virtually. In fact, it’s probably even more important since your clients may feel more stress doing things virtually than in person. Plus, it can be harder to feel and show compassion through a video screen than in person.

Friendliness goes a very long way and you want to be the bright spot for your clients. Even just a nice smile through a Zoom meeting can go a long way to showing the compassion your client’s desire and, sometimes, need.

5. Show Respect to Their Time

Wasting your client’s time is a big no-no when you want to provide a better real estate customer experience. You want to respect their time and make sure you value the time they are giving up to work with you.

Always be on time for meetings, which actually means being early. If you have a virtual chat scheduled for 1 PM, you should be on at 12:45 PM. If they show up early, you can get started. If not, at least you’re already there and you’re not showing up late.

You can utilize tools, such as a calendar app or a desk calendar to help you show up on time and early for meetings. You should also synchronize all your clocks and devices so they are at the same time. 

While you want to respect your client’s time, you also want to set boundaries, so they know what to expect. If you have another meeting after you meet with them, make sure they know you have a hard stop at a specific time. Then, it won’t be a surprise and you won’t have to try to wiggle out of the conversation to take your next meeting.

There are many things you can do to provide the VIP real estate customer experience virtually. With the right technology and a little compassion, you can connect with your clients, anticipate their needs, and form long-lasting relationships.

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