It doesn’t matter how busy you are, how uncertain times are, or what’s going on, real estate lead engagement should always be a top priority. When you get a lead, it needs to be nurtured so it has a chance to become a buyer or seller in your pipeline.

Many real estate agents ask questions consistently, such as:

  • How do I generate more leads for my business?
  • What sources are good for getting new real estate leads?
  • How can I get leads for my business at a lower cost?

While these are all great questions, the real question you should be asking is, what are you doing to engage with your current real estate leads?

Lead engagement is vital to your business. It doesn’t do much good if you’re flooded with leads, but you don’t engage with them much. The right systems can help you with real estate lead engagement and give you the growth you desire for your business.

A Few Stats About Real Estate Lead Engagement 



After you generate a new lead, do you give up quickly or do you stay engaged longer? Most real estate agents will give up after they have contacted a lead four times. However, a large percentage of those leads they gave up on will actually buy or sell a home within the next year.

It’s also common for real estate agents to decide a lead is a bad lead, yet that lead will buy or sell a home within the next two years. An article from both shows that the faster a response is given to a lead, the better chance you have to turn them into a client.

People want instant connection and they want to know you’re there ready to help them quickly. An instant response is a great start towards good real estate lead engagement.

Should You Just Use a Chatbot?



This is a tricky question as many businesses use chatbots to ensure new leads hear from someone quickly. While this can be a good thing, Forbes has stated that 86% of consumers would rather speak with a human than a chatbot.

While a chatbot might be okay in some circumstances, it’s best to put your best self forward and contact the lead yourself. There are services that make it possible to reach out to your lead immediately and make it personal. An autoresponder is a great start if you’re collecting leads through an online form.

Real Estate Lead Engagement is The Lifeblood of Your Business

Yes, you need to be able to generate new leads, but an agent with five leads and great lead engagement will likely do better than an agent with 15 leads and poor lead engagement. 

Make sure you get the most out of your leads with a great lead engagement strategy for your real estate business. Whether you include tools, such as autoresponders or even a lead concierge service, you want to make sure your new leads hear from you as quickly as possible. 

It’s also important to continue to engage your leads. While many agents give up after four points of contact, make sure you don’t. It’s well-known in business, it takes seven points of contact (on average) to turn a lead into a client/customer. Both and talk about this basic marketing principle. 

Remember, the seven points of contact are just an average, too. While some of your leads might become clients after one or two contacts, others might take ten or even more. 

Don’t give up on your leads. Instead, use great real estate lead engagement and don’t give up until a lead tells you NO.


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