Zoom for real estate agents is now considered a common thing. You have to know how to use online video chat software and Zoom is one of the leaders in the industry. 

If you’re an agent and you’re not used to the face-to-face video chat meetings, you need to figure out how to use Zoom fast. The pandemic situation we are currently in has caused many meetings to happen online. It doesn’t look like this will change anytime soon, either.

When it comes to using Zoom as a real estate agent, you should understand the basics and a few tips. Let’s look at some of the things you should know how to do on Zoom as a real estate agent.

6 Tips for Using Zoom as a Real Estate Agent



1. Add a Profile Picture

It may seem like a small thing, but you need to add a professional profile picture to your Zoom profile. Anytime your camera feed goes out or as you are joining meetings, this is the picture people will see. If you don’t add a profile picture, those on the call will only see a grey icon and your name. 

If you want to look professional on Zoom, add a profile picture.

2. Dress for the Call

You’ve probably seen some of the funny gaffs on Zoom calls recently. Maybe you’ve seen a parody video on YouTube like this one here. Don’t become the next Zoom mistake. Dress for the call.

Dress just like you would if you were actually meeting the participants in person. While you might only plan to show off the top half of your body, make sure you dress your entire body. Just because you’re on a video chat doesn’t mean you should dress differently.

Dress professionally and look like you know what you’re doing. It will go a long way to making your Zoom meetings a success, whether with clients, other agents, your online broker, or anybody else.

3. Get a Green Screen & Use Virtual Backgrounds

The virtual backgrounds are great for a little bit of fun, but they are also good for keeping people out of your home office. You can use a green screen and make your Zoom meetings look cool with all types of backgrounds.

You’ll find plenty of very cool backgrounds just by searching for Zoom backgrounds. The platform also has some built-in you can use, but without a green screen, they won’t work properly.

4. Check the Security Settings

Just like anything else online, security is important. You want to avoid the possibility of Zoom-Bombing, which happens when someone joins your meeting without being invited. You may not even know they are there.

Zoom has increased security to help prevent this. You can use a meeting room with a password and you can also create a waiting room. This makes it much harder to hack into your meeting as you will have to approve those coming onto the call.

5. Integrate Your Calendar and Zoom

You can make sure you never miss a meeting by integrating your Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar with Zoom. This makes it easy to schedule Zoom meetings and get reminders when you need them.

6. Make Your Appearance Amazing

You can set the right camera angle, add a ring light, and use Zoom settings to make your appearance even better. A ring light cost less than $40 and will help give you the proper lighting for your calls. With the right camera angle, you’ll look more professional.

Of course, the touch up my appearance option in the Zoom settings will also help you look a little bit better.

If you want to use Zoom for your real estate meetings, you’ll want to use these tips. The real estate world is changing and becoming even more virtual than ever. It’s time to learn how to use video chat programs like Zoom so you can conduct business without missing a beat.

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