Real estate is rather competitive right now. While it’s a seller’s market in most areas and there are plenty of buyers, you still need to make your real estate listings stand out. A poor real estate listing will still struggle to sell and may sit on the market longer than necessary.

Whenever you take on a listing for your clients, they deserve the best chance to get the home sold. Working with a good broker offering the right tools is a good start. In today’s world, you need to offer virtual tours, excellent listing pictures, and more. Your broker should provide some of the tools you need to create great real estate listings.

Along with the right tools, you can use the following tips to help your clients improve their real estate listings on a budget.

6 Budget-Friendly Tips to Improve Your Listings



1. Clean the Home


The first thing you can do on a budget to improve every single home listing is clean. Of course, in today’s world, cleaning takes on a new life. While cleaning to make the home more sanitary is necessary, you can also make the home look better in pictures, video tours, and for in-person tours. 

Clean the windows, appliances, carpets, drapes, outside areas, and more. Cleaning the entire home will help make your pictures look better and tours will stand out more.

2. Remove Unnecessary Items

When selling a home, you can make the pictures look better by removing unnecessary items. This can even be a piece of furniture that makes a room feel cluttered. Removing unnecessary items helps make the home feel and look bigger.

3. Make Sure the Pictures are Flawless


Great listing pictures go a long way to getting the home sold. It’s a great way to improve real estate listings on a budget. 

Take a little bit of time to study a few keys to photography, specifically real estate photography. You can take the pictures yourself with a decent camera and make them look amazing. 

When hiring a professional for listing pictures isn’t in the budget, invest in a decent camera you can use for all your home listings. Study some of the basics of real estate photography and learn how to take amazing pictures at the right angles, with the right lighting.

4. Paint



One of the best budget-friendly ways to improve real estate listings is painting. Make sure to use neutral colors and paint over any brighter colors in kids’ rooms and other rooms. 

Paint and supplies are pretty inexpensive and can make a big difference. You may not need to paint every room and if the budget is really tight, you can focus on the rooms most in need of new paint.

5. Brighten Up the Home

Listing pictures and virtual video tours look far better when you brighten up the home. Letting in as much natural light as possible is a good start. You can also change out old light bulbs and add in new lighting fixtures, when necessary.

With more light coming in, the home will look brighter, lighter, and even larger. This can make your home listing pictures better, along with any video tours you create.

6. Make the Entryway Amazing

The first impression on a new buyer is vital when you’re trying to sell a home. Whether it’s the first picture, the start of a video tour, or the entryway when they arrive at the home for the first time. 

Adding a nice welcome mat, a few flowers, and even painting the front door can make your entryway look amazing for a low cost. Make sure to repair any broken lights and hardware. You can also work with what you already have by arranging plants to look neater.

There are many ways you can improve real estate listings without breaking the bank. When you want to sell more homes for your clients, share these tips to help improve all your home listings.

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