Finding new real estate leads is vital to any real estate business. Whether you’re an agent or a broker with a team, you need plenty of real estate leads. 

Using the right dynamic ads can help you gain more real estate leads. There are many ways to advertise online, but dynamic ads, especially dynamic remarketing ads, offer a great option for gaining new real estate leads.

Facebook Dynamic Ads for Your Real Estate Business



While Facebook isn’t the only website using dynamic ads, it’s one of the best places for real estate agents to market. Of course, Facebook also owns Instagram, so you get two top channels to use dynamic ads on and to gain real estate leads.

The Facebook ad platform offers an easy way to use dynamic ads for retargeting prospects. When someone looks at a listing on your website, and then goes to Facebook, the advertising they receive will come from you. This means you can get them back onto your website, which is very powerful.

How to Use Facebook Dynamic Ads for More Real Estate Leads

Start by creating your listing catalog so you have an inventory of listings to show off. You want to make sure you include all the right information for your audience.

Next, you want to design your audience with your Facebook ads. this can include narrowing your audience down by many demographics. It’s also important to set your user signals so Facebook knows which type of ad to show those that have been on your website.

Finally, you will create your dynamic and launch your campaign. When you create a Dynamic Ad, you want to make sure it fits within the parameters for Facebook and shows up sharp. Don’t use fuzzy or unflattering images within your ads.

Of course, there are professionals out there with an expertise in Facebook dynamic ads. Using an expert can help to ensure you target the right audience and your ads look amazing.

With the right professional, you’ll be able to convert your listings into Facebook dynamic ads, quickly.

Remarketing Ads Outside of Facebook



While other types of ads may not be called dynamic ads, there are types of remarketing ads you can use to gain leads for your real estate business. Many professionals believe remarketing or retargeting ads will get about three times the number of clicks compared to regular ads. This is due to the fact that they are already interested and familiar with you.

Remarketing is a way to put your ads in front of warm leads that have already seen a listing, blog post, or some other type of page on your website. These potential customers are very warm leads and likely looking for a real estate agent already. With the right remarketing ads, you can get right back in front of warm leads and turn them into more than just a website visitor.

When you need more real estate leads, the right types of online advertising can make a big difference. You can use dynamic ads and remarketing ads to engage with website visitors that didn’t turn into clients or leads on your email list.

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