The real estate industry is highly competitive. Some local areas are home to hundreds of agents with plenty of skills. If you want to become a better real estate agent, you must offer great customer service.

When you know you need to set yourself apart, you need to find a way. Real estate customer service offers you a ticket to beating the competition. Here are some of the best ways to offer better customer service as a real estate agent.

7 Tips for Real Estate Customer Service 


1. Find a Way to Really Get to Know Your Clients

Your current clients are the biggest assets your business has. As a real estate agent, you want to build relationships with your clients. When you build excellent relationships, you’ll gain more referrals, which can create plenty of new clients for your business.

Approach every listing appointment with a “Get to Know You” attitude. Take the time to get to know your clients and form a relationship with each one. This will help you to provide great customer service as you match their needs to the right property or marketing strategy.

In real estate, it’s not about a one-size-fits-all strategy. Getting to know your clients allows you to create a personalized strategy to fit their needs. If you want to offer amazing real estate customer service, this is the first thing you should master.

2. Become a Master Communicator

Real estate customer service is built on communication. If you’re not a master communicator, you will only be able to achieve a certain level of success in real estate.

If you want to become a better real estate agent, learn to become a better communicator. The average agent doesn’t follow up or will only follow up once. Don’t be an average agent. Follow up with all your clients until you have a solid answer.

Along with following up, one of the best ways you can provide great real estate customer service is by responding quickly. If a client leaves a message, emails you, or texts, don’t leave them waiting. Even if you simply respond letting your client know you will get back to them at a specific time later that day, it lets them know when to expect a response.

It’s also important to communicate any news you receive as soon as possible. Whether it’s a seller or a buyer you’re working with, any updates, you should share as soon as you possibly can.

3. No Lead is Too Small or Too Large

Unless you strictly specialize in luxury homes, there’s no such thing as a lead that’s too small. Even in the luxury market, you want to take care of any client, from the highest price property to the lowest.

Helping a client today that will only provide a small commission check could lead to future commission checks. If you provide great real estate customer service for all clients today, it will likely have an impact on your future business.

Besides the fact that a lower-priced listing today could leave to a higher-priced one from the same client later, it could also lead to referrals. You never know who might provide multiple referrals or even a referral with a higher-priced property.

Treat every lead like they are going to provide you with a huge commission check. Provide them with excellent customer service and you’ll find it will pay off.

4. Anticipate Your Client’s Needs & Wishes

Don’t wait for your clients to tell you what they want and need. Anticipate the needs and wishes of your clients and address them before they are even expressed. 

One of the best ways to become great at anticipating the needs of your clients is to offer empathy, warmth, and optimism with every interaction. Don’t treat each client the same or you won’t become very good at anticipating the needs and wishes of clients.

5. Go the Extra Mile

You have to show your clients they are in great hands when they work with you. Go the extra mile and understand this is likely the largest transaction your client will ever be involved in. From the beginning of your relationship with each client, go above and beyond. 

Practice the process of under-promising and over-delivering. When you under-promise you don’t set your client’s expectations too high. Then, when you over-deliver, you’ll end up providing the WOW factor for your clients.

6. Be Available

Availability makes a huge difference when it comes to real estate customer service. Nobody wants to work with an agent they can never get ahold of on the phone. It’s also not fun to work with an agent with limited availability. 

Make sure you’re available as much as possible. Be ready to work nights, weekends, and when your clients need you. Showing up is one of the most important things you can do if you want to become a better real estate agent.

7. Provide Excellent Professional Referrals 

As a real estate agent, you’ll likely become the person your clients ask when they need a lender, lawyer, home inspector, appraiser, or other professional. Build relationships with the best professionals in your community. Make sure they have a good reputation and also offer great customer service.

When you can provide excellent professional referrals, your clients will trust you even more. This is a great way to set yourself apart by providing great real estate customer service.

If you want to become a better real estate agent, you need to provide excellent customer service. It’s one of the best ways to set yourself apart from the competition. Use these seven tips to ensure you provide the best real estate customer service possible.

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