As a real estate agent, finding success isn’t an easy road. It might seem easy for some, but real estate success takes work and recognizing the roadblocks you’re dealing with. If you’re ready to find success in real estate, you should become aware of some of the roadblocks you might be struggling with.

Real estate agents have plenty of roadblocks they run into. It’s how you deal with these roadblocks that decide whether you reach real estate success or you struggle. Let’s look at some of the most common roadblocks you might be struggling with as a real estate agent.

Most Common 7 Roadblocks for Real Estate Agents


1. Lack of Consistency

Real estate agents tend to struggle when they hit a roadblock and are no longer consistent in their efforts. Maybe you don’t’ have anybody in your current pipeline and no deals to work on closing right now. Likely, this is due to not being consistent with your marketing efforts. 

Most clients want to work with agents full of confidence. If you have an empty pipeline, it’s likely that you’re not exuding confidence right now, but desperation. With consistent efforts, you can have a full pipeline more often and always have leads to work.

It’s best to figure out how you want to market your real estate business and stick to it. Stay consistent with your efforts or this might be the roadblock keeping you from real estate success.

2. Struggling with Time Management 

There is never enough time and time is money, right? Real estate agents consistently complain about not having enough time to handle everything they need to do. With poor time management, you might be causing a roadblock that’s keeping you from real estate success.

There are several ways to gain better time management skills and some tools to help free up your time. For example, if you have been working cold leads with a manual approach, you can use automation tools to free up your time. It’s also possible to outsource many tasks to third-party experts.

Most online marketing can be handled by someone else including blog writing, SEO, PPC advertising, social media posting, and more. There are complete digital marketing teams that can handle everything you need freeing up your time for other things.

It’s also necessary to learn how to properly manage your time. Real estate agents need as much time as they can get to focus on clients. With the right training, you can learn how to manage your time and free up several hours every single week.

3. Lack of Accountability

When you have a system that holds you accountable, it can help lead to real estate success. You, just like most other people, need some type of structure to provide accountability for your actions and efforts.

An audit should be done every year to ensure things are being done correctly and you are held accountable for the work being put in. It can also help to have the right broker to ensure you have some form of accountability for things you do as a real estate agent.

When you know someone will hold you accountable, it can be the push you need to get past this roadblock. whether you need to be held accountable for taking meetings with clients or you need accountability with online systems, make sure you bust through this roadblock to realizing the real estate success you need.

If your broker doesn’t help hold you accountable, when necessary, it might be time to consider a new broker. Elite Agents is a top broker offering everything you need to reach real estate success.

4. No Diversification in Lead Sources

Maybe you’ve found a lead source that seems to work pretty well. That’s great, but one of the common roadblocks real estate agents run into is a lack of diversification with lead sources. There are several great ways to get leads and you need more than just one lead source or you could end up with an empty pipeline.

What if your best lead source falls off the map? What if it dries up? Do you have another lead source to help fill your pipeline?

With multiple lead sources online and offline, you will be in a better position if one of your sources stops producing. Real estate agents should have as many lead sources as they can find ranging from referrals from current clients to online marketing to postcards sent through the mail. 

Highly successful real estate agents are not afraid to test out new lead sources regularly. When they find a good source, they will add it to their marketing efforts.

5. Trying to Do it All

It might save you a little money, but trying to do everything yourself is a foolish roadblock many real estate agents have to breakthrough. If you want to find real estate success, you want to make sure you understand how to delegate tasks to others and trust them to do a good job.

In many cases, it’s better to spend a little money to buy back some of your time. Of course, if you’re very skilled at a specific task, it might not be smart to outsource that specific task. However, if you don’t enjoy writing blog posts and handling your SEO, maybe those are tasks you can start outsourcing to experts in those two fields.

Even though you might be a real estate agent working for a broker, you need to treat it as a real estate business. You can outsource all types of tasks from home staging to real estate photography to digital marketing, and more. Even some of your personal tasks at home, such as cleaning your vehicle and mowing your lawn, can be outsourced to gain time back in your regular week.

You don’t need to take a “do it all” approach to your real estate business. If you want to enjoy real estate success, learn how to trust others with tasks you need to be completed.

6. Not Using Tracking When Marketing 

A massive roadblock and mistake real estate agents make is not tracking their marketing efforts. When you don’t know where leads are coming, how are you supposed to put more money into your best lead sources?

For example, if you’re running a PPC advertising campaign, an SEO campaign, and you have postcards arriving in mailboxes in target neighborhoods, you need to know how much each marketing campaign is producing. It’s best to know how much it costs with each method to get a lead.

With the right tracking, you can measure results and pour more money into the best lead sources.

7. No Focus on Customer Service



Another real estate roadblock agents might run into is a lack of focus on customer service. There are several things you need to do that have very little to do with customer service. However, those efforts might be wasted if you don’t put much focus on customer service. 

From responding to client requests in a timely manner to handling the needs and expectations of a first-time homebuyer, you want to make sure you are on top of your customer service game. Remember, even a smaller buyer today could lead to referrals and larger home listings tomorrow.

If you want to create plenty of real estate success, you will need to find a way to focus on customer service. It’s important to provide the wow factor for your clients. Don’t let yourself become annoyed with difficult clients. Sometimes, the most difficult clients are the ones willing to refer others to you and come back when they need to buy or sell again in the future.

Make sure you focus on the customer experience and take care of every single client to the best of your abilities. With great customer service, you can go from just a real estate agent making a little bit of money to experiencing incredible real estate success.

There are many roadblocks you might run into as a real estate agent. Learning how to push through these real estate roadblocks is your key to finding true real estate success.

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