​Whether you’ve voluntarily gone into quarantine due to COVID-19 or you’re still stuck in lockdown, the right real estate shows and movies can help you pass the time. It can be a bit boring if you don’t have a good show or movie to get lost in.

Even if you’re working, you may not have the same busy schedule you’re used to due to the current pandemic. When you need something to keep you busy, a good real estate movie or TV show offers the solution.

Here are 17 of the best real estate shows and movies to help you stay busy during Quarantine.

17 Top Real Estate Shows & Movies

1. House Hunters

An HGTV show offering plenty to enjoy in the real estate world, House Hunters provides more than 600 episodes to binge. It will keep you busy for hours during quarantine and the episodes are pretty short.

2. Pacific Heights

A movie from the 90s with Melanie Griffith and Matthew Modine, Pacific Heights is about a couple working hard to renovate what they believe is their dream home. They become landlords to help pay for it, but their tenant has another plan for them. It’s a fun real estate movie with plenty of twists and turns.

3. Glengarry Glen Ross

Another 90s film, Glengarry Glen Ross features Al Pacino, Jack Lemmon, and Alec Baldwin. It’s a star-studded cast in a moving about four real estate salesmen and how they become very desperate when a motivational trainer is sent to them.

The movie is set in Chicago, even though it was filmed in New York City. It’s based on a play and you should be warned, this film has plenty of profanity throughout.

4. Good Bones

A mother/daughter duo help create better properties throughout their hometown of Indianapolis on Good Bones. The show offers a total of 24 episodes and can be viewed on Hulu.

5. Open House

Real estate agents are in danger in the movie Open House. This film features Joseph Bottoms, Adrienne Barbeau, and Rudy Ramos in a unique story of murder in the world of real estate.

6. Property Brothers

A fun show featuring two brothers, one a real estate agent and the other a contractor, Property Brothers helps homebuyers find a fixer-upper and turn it into their dream home. It’s a show filled with joy, laughter, and plenty of renovations.

7. 99 Homes

Set during the 2008 housing market crisis, 99 Homes offers a look at an honest, hard-working man struggling to save his family home. It’s a mysterious story with plenty of drama. This 2015 film features Andrew Garfield, Laura Dern, and Michale Shannon.

8. Tiny House Nation

If you’re fascinated by the tiny house movement, Tiny House Nation is the right show for you. It’s hosted by two renovation experts who travel around the U.S. to show off the small spaces created by ingenious and inventive people. The show is all about showing off the mini-dream home offering no more than 500 square feet.

9. The Money Pit

From 1986, this classic film stars Tom Hanks and Shelley Long. They struggle to repair a dilapidated house and become hopeless. If you’re looking for an old-time movie that will make you laugh, give The Money Pit film a look.

10. Flip or Flop

Offering 129 episodes, Flip or Flop is a show all about flipping houses. A couple finds and buys new properties in need of renovations. Then, they flip the homes for a profit, or do they?

11. The Big Short

One of the best movies based on the 2008 housing crisis, The Big Short is based on the book The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine. It’s about how a group of investors best against the mortgage market. During their research they discover how corrupt the market is.  An article from Investopedia helps to better explain The Big Short.

The film stars include Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, and Christian Bale.

12. Hidden Potential

A fun show found on Hulu, Hidden Potential is about a California builder and designer on a mission to create unique suburban homes.

13. Pocket Listing

A movie featuring double-crosses, murder, mistaken identity, and plenty more, Pocket Listing will take you on a unique and mysterious adventure. It’s about a Los Angeles property broker whose wife tries to discreetly sell their Malibu Villa. The film stars James Jurdi, Rob Lowe, and Jessica Clark.

14. Fixer Upper

Fellow Texans, Chip and Joanna Gaines, help people find and fix up the home of their dreams. They take properties that look like they should be destroyed and transform them into amazing dream homes for their clients on Fixer Upper.  Their popularity has transformed Waco, Texas into a destination spot.

15. Closing Escrow

An indie film with plenty of laughs, Closing Escrow is about three families looking to buy a home. The families all collide as they want the same property and a bidding war tests the marriages and limits of the characters.  Here’s an article talking about Closing Escrow from The New York Times.

This funny film stars Ryan Smith, Bruce Thomas, and Wendi McLendon-Covey.

16. The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes

Piers Taylor, an award-winning architect, and Caroline Quentin, an actress and property enthusiast, travel all across the world looking for the most unconventional, yet beautiful homes. If you like unique properties with all types of fun features, this show will keep you entertained on Netflix for all three seasons.

17. Home Town

A couple living in a small Mississippi town use old textiles and found materials to transform classic homes without giving up the history and classic features. They make the home modern and offer a way to bring older homes back to life.  Home Town is found on Hulu and currently has one season for viewing.


These 17 real estate shows and movies will certainly keep you busy for a while. If you’re stuck inside for any reason or you’re slow at work, enjoy these shows and movies while you kill time during the quarantine.

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