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Commission Plans

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We offer two commission plans for agents: a Commission Split plan and a $99 Monthly Flat Rate plan.  You can decide what income structure works best for you.   Read on to learn what each plan includes.

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Split Plan


per transaction

85% to you, 15% to brokerage

85% to you, 15% to brokerage

Most Popular

Monthly Plan


per month

100% to you

100% to you

$570/sale and $100/lease


Commission Split Plan

  • Brokerage retains 15% of commission earned from sales and lease transactions with remaining 85% paid to associate – see below on how to earn 90%*
  • NO monthly fee, NO E&O fees, NO transactions fees, NO technology fees, NO other fees at all
  • Revenue sharing: associates who refer new agents (that sign-up) to the brokerage will receive part of the brokerage’s split of the sales commission earned by referred associate during their first year with the firm (see column to the right for details)
  • Agency leads given to agent are treated like any other transaction – same commission and no additional amount is charged
  • E&O insurance on every transaction (up to $1M per transaction)
  • Two name tags and first 100 business cards provided for you

*If you reach at least $2.5 million in sales during a single year OR if you refer 5 agents under the Revenue Sharing Program that actually join the brokerage, we will upgrade you to a 90/10% commission split.  That’s 10% commission to the brokerage and 90% to you for the rest of the time you’re sponsored by us!

Revenue Sharing that Invests in YOU

As an Elite Agent, you are the face of our brokerage, and we don’t take that for granted. We want to reward you for all your hard work and networking. To show our appreciation, we’ve created revenue sharing program that allows you to potentially earn thousands in extra income without lifting a finger.

As our existing agent, with every new agent you refer to the brokerage (who signs up), you will be paid part of Elite Agent’s commission split on sales transactions earned by the referred associate during their first year.

There is no cap on the number of agents you can refer or the amount you can earn per referred associate! The income potential is limitless. When you refer top performers, they benefit from our flexible and technology-driven setup, and you receive extra income based on their sales transactions for their entire first year.  It’s a win-win-win.

Please Note:  Only Elite Agents signed up under the Commission Split Plan are eligible for the Revenue Sharing Program.  Referred associate must also sign up for the Commission Split plan.  Applies to sales transactions only.  You must remain sponsored by Elite Agents to receive and continue to receive referral fees.

$99 Monthly Plan

  • You keep 100% commission with a $570 fee per sale and $100 fee per lease
  • Access to the same technology & tools as the Commission Split plan
  • You pay $99/month to the brokerage
  • There is a $199 one time fee to join this plan
  • NO E&O fees, NO technology fees, NO other fees at all
  • E&O insurance on every transaction (up to $1M per transaction)
  • Two name tags and first 100 business cards provided for you

This plan is not eligible for revenue sharing or to receive leads from the brokerage (must sign up with Commission Split plan to be eligible).  Ideal for established agents that have their own network of contacts and lead sources.

Team option details:
  • You set your own commission splits with your team members
  • $570 per sales transaction to brokerage
  • $100 per lease transaction to brokerage
  • $99/month for team leader | $59/month for team members
  • $199 one time fee for the team leader and for each team member
  • All other items listed under the $99 Monthly Plan apply
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