Real Estate squeeze pages are a very important part of your marketing plan. When you’re using pay-per-click advertising, social media ads, or another form of online marketing, you need the right squeeze pages. 

Creating these pages isn’t difficult, but you do need the right elements. With Elite Agents premium agent sponsorship, you get the ability to customize your squeeze pages, which is a huge benefit. As you start to customize these pages, you’ll want to make sure you include the elements detailed in this post.

Squeeze Pages vs. Landing Pages

You might think a squeeze page is just a landing page. In some ways, you’re correct, but squeeze pages are shorter and have a different goal. Typically, a landing page is created to sell someone, while a squeeze page may not have much to do with selling.

Instead, a squeeze page gives visitors an ultimatum. They can take your offer or leave the page. For example, they can sign up for your free newsletter and gain access to real estate tips, or they cannot sign up and leave the page. 

With real estate squeeze pages, you can build a list of leads that can be contacted over and over again. Landing pages, on the other hand, are often used to sell a person on your services or product.

Top 5 Important Elements of a Real Estate Squeeze Page



1. The Lead Magnet

While it’s not actually an element found on your real estate squeeze page, you will need a lead magnet. This can be a free guide, exclusive access, or anything else that will get someone to subscribe. Maybe you provide access to a special video or a tip sheet.

Your lead magnet is the most important element of your real estate squeeze page. No matter what you choose to give away as a lead magnet, make sure you get this part of your squeeze page right.

2. The Headline

Drawing your audience in is vital to the success of any squeeze page. You need a killer headline to bring them in, so you can get them on your list. Usually, the headline will have to do with whatever you’re planning to give away as your lead magnet. 

Often, trying out different headlines to see how they perform can help you choose the right one. With the right headline, you can get more and more people on your list and downloading your lead magnet.

3. Add a Compelling Image

The image for your real estate squeeze page should represent your lead magnet. It can look like a book cover, but it doesn’t have to. It should be a very high-quality, compelling image that draws attention on your squeeze page.

4. Keep it Short and Powerful

Squeeze pages don’t need much information on them. They should be very short with just one or two powerful sentences to sell your lead magnet. You can even include a few short testimonials about your lead magnet if you want.

5. Make Sure it’s Perfect

You want to proofread your real estate squeeze pages several times before going live with them. One spelling mistake can kill these pages and they are so short; they should be perfect.

A Few Quick Tips for Excellent Real Estate Squeeze Pages

1. Target Your Audience

You can create real estate squeeze pages for different audiences. This can help make your pages far more powerful. For example, you can have a squeeze page for buyers and another one for sellers. You can even narrow it down further by location, type of buyer/seller, or another category.

2. Optimize for Mobile

You must optimize your squeeze pages for mobile. They have to be easy to view on a mobile device and they should function properly on a mobile device, too.

3. Test Your System

When someone signs up, they should get your lead magnet immediately in their email. Make sure you test your system to ensure it works properly.

4. Use an Autoresponder

The key to a good squeeze page goes beyond the signup. You need the right follow-up emails to ensure you convert sign-ups into leads and leads into clients. Make sure you set up an autoresponder to deliver a series of follow-up emails to your prospects.

A Few Things to Avoid with Real Estate Squeeze Pages

1. Don’t Use Outbound Links

Squeeze pages don’t need links at all. You should have a sign-up box to add in an email address and a name. You might want to collect a phone number, too, but most squeeze pages collect an email address and maybe a name. Avoid using any links on these pages.

2. Don’t Use a Nav Bar

While the page is a part of your website, you don’t need a nav bar for your squeeze pages. This can just distract visitors from what you’re trying to get them to do. The goal is to get them to sign up for your list, not to navigate to another part of your website.

2. Don’t Go Below the Fold

When your real estate squeeze pages are pulled up on a computer, the visitor shouldn’t have to scroll to sign up. Make sure the entire page is above the fold, when possible. Always make sure the sign-up form is above the fold.

4. Don’t Skip the Call to Action

You need a call-to-action phrase to tell the visitor what to do. This can be as simple as, “Enter your Email Address Now and Claim Your Free eBook.”

With the right real estate squeeze pages, you can set up an automatic system that will create new leads for your business. Make sure you have the right set up and you’ll be able to find more new listings and new buyers faster and easier.

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