It’s not always an easy thing to develop an agent-builder partnership or relationship. However, if you can create this type of relationship, it can provide plenty of benefits to you and to the builder. 

As a real estate agent, finding a way to forge a partnership with a builder can give you plenty of work today and into the future. Here are a few tips you can use to develop an agent-builder partnership.

3 Tips for Creating the Right Agent-Builder Partnership


1. Use Builder Open Houses to Get a Foot in the Door


Builders love to show off their home models. They do this with open-house events quite a bit. As a real estate professional, these open houses give you an opportunity to meet the builders and other leaders in the industry.

You can spend time speaking with the builders and getting to know their community. You can even ask for a personalized tour to help forge a better relationship with the builder.

2. Reach Out to Builders

One of the best ways to get in front of a builder and potentially create an agent-builder relationship is simply reaching out to them. Call them, email them, or contact them on social media to set up a meeting. 

The meeting might start as a way to see their new community and blossom into creating a relationship with the builder. It’s important to note, builders gain plenty of benefits from working with real estate professionals, too. They are likely to be open to speaking with you.

3. Play by the Builder’s Rules



Boulders may have co-op policies and other rules when it comes to partnering with real estate agents. Playing by their rules can help you forge a good agent-builder partnership. Remember, this relationship will provide benefits today and into the future.

Along with these tips for developing an agent-builder partnership, it’s important to understand a few of the benefits. Of course, the main benefit from this type of relationship is a boost in commission checks.

As a real estate professional, when you build a good relationship with a builder, you can increase your listings and have steady business for the future. Even when a builder finishes one community, they will likely move on to another, which means you, can work with them on future communities, too.

You’ll also gain the ability to provide a better experience for your homebuyers. After a home has been purchased, if you’re partnered with a good builder, the warranty will be very reliable, which makes homebuyers happy.

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