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Join Elite Agents and earn more money. As tech innovators, we provide you with best-in-class technology to impress your clients and land more sales. Plus, you keep 85% (or more) of your sales commission. This industry leading commission split is made possible by the power of our technology advantage.

Why work with Elite Agents?

  • Earn an industry leading commission
  • Impress clients with our mobile apps and real estate technology
  • We drive leads for you through advanced online advertising

How do you earn more money?

As an online agency, we have low overhead, and pass the savings on to you. That's right, you receive more money for the same work you are already doing!

Why Work With Elite Agents?

Our advanced digital systems make selling real estate easier and more profitable. Most agents spend more time marketing and mining leads than anything else. We want you to spend your time doing what you signed up for. Selling Real Estate. When you work with Elite Agents, we market you. The leads come to you, and you close the sale.

We also make closing sales easier. Since our business is entirely online, you are not anchored to an office, but free to meet wherever is most convenient. Clients love this as you can bring everything to them or do it all online.

We help you close the deal faster too as our online transaction management system automatically guides you through the entire process and notifies when tasks need to be performed. We make you look like a rock star by eliminating the number one complaint of clients: lack of communication.

Connect with Clients first

We use digital advertising to connect you with customers before your competition can. 92% of buyers and 81% of sellers work with the first or second agent they meet. We make you that first agent.

Big Rewards

After you've sold to your enthusiastic new clients, you get a huge commission. Everything we save through our digital systems goes straight back to you.

Streamlined Digital Systems

As technology experts, we have simplified the whole sales process, from landing leads to closing deals to maintaining relationships for years afterwards. Our efficient process helps you save time and earn more money.

Traditional real estate agencies take up to half the earnings for the house you sold. As agents ourselves, we know the time and effort required to sell a house. That's why we created Elite Agents, as a way to fix a broken system.

Read more about the brokerage here.

The World is Your Office

As a digital agency, you can meet clients wherever is convenient for them, whether in their home or the coffeeshop next door or online.

Our agents keep an absolute minimum 85% of the total commission. The rest is reinvested into advertising and improving the technology that drives you more sales!

Our Commission Structure

At Elite Agents, we’re dedicated to providing an industry leading 85% commission or higher. We have a flat rate plan as well, depending on what suits you.

Regardless of the plan, there are no hidden fees. Your commission is the same even if we provide the lead for you!

The math is simple

The median home value in Texas is $253,000. For selling one of these houses, a traditional agency would leave you $3795 in commission. At Elite Agents you earn $6452 or more. That’s a 70% higher commission than the traditional split!

Earning an extra 70% in income makes a big difference to your lifestyle. Just one sale is worth a luxury vacation per year!

No hidden fees

Some agencies claim that you keep 85% or more of your commission, but the "fine print" reveals that it's really less than that. You make a sale and and then they tack on the additional fees for "technology" or errors & omissions insurance or...the list goes on and on. And if they provided you the lead, you make even less because of their "finder's fee".

See our plan details here.

Agency Comparison Table

*We have other payment options depending on what suits you. Some of our agents even earn over 90% commission. Contact us to discuss.

How can we afford to do this?

How can we afford to pay such high commissions? Because we are entirely digital, we have extremely low overheads. Instead of keeping it to ourselves, we pass those savings onto you.

We believe that happy agents who get paid what they deserve create happy clients. And happy clients are much happier to use agents.

Agent Referral Program

There's nothing better than working with your friends, and great agents are friends with great agents. So we offer an incentive to refer your colleagues to us.

For each agent you refer to us, we give you half the brokerage split for every sales transaction they close during their first year! This gives you the possibility to earn thousands in extra income for doing nothing more than telling your agent friends about us.

How to get involved

Our agents are hungry. They demand success. If you have the desire to be the best, then let's talk. The first step is a confidential phone conversation. We respect your privacy and will not share your details with anyone, or call at an innapropriate time. Let's arrange a chat and see if you are a good fit for Elite Agents. To inquire, complete the form at the top of the page. Have questions but not ready to talk? Check out our FAQ page.

Agent Testimonial

It's an honor and a privilege to work with such an intelligent and professional Realtor/Broker. From the moment I met Kari I knew I wanted to work with her long term. She's driven, supportive & encouraging - all the qualities you would want in a realtor/broker.

Renee Massey, Elite Agents Realtor

Industry Leading Digital Systems

Our advanced digital systems give you the competitive edge over the thousands of other agents on the market. We streamline the entire process so that every step fits together seamlessly, from initial contact to signing the contract. We give you the power to land sales, faster and easier than ever before.

Streamlined Digital Systems

We have everything to make your life easy and impress clients - including automated advertising and social media engagement, mobile apps for clients and agents, an advanced CRM system, online transaction management, and more!

Build Strong Relationships

CRM is included, because your earnings depend on strong client relationships. Good relationships lead to sales, referrals and repeat customers.

The majority of agents say that a CRM system is critical to long term success, but very few actually use one. They're costly and time consuming to setup. We include a CRM system at no additional cost so you can be successful for years to come.

Advanced Digital Advertising

Our digital marketing system puts you in front of customers first. Real Estate data shows 92% of buyers and 81% of sellers work with the first or second agent they meet. That’s why most agents spend the majority of their time marketing and finding leads.

At Elite Agents, we manage digital marketing for you. Our team members are experts in social media, content and digital advertising, giving you more time to do what you do best. Closing the deal.

Manage Your Workflow

Our online transaction management systems lets you know exactly where you are in your workflow with each client. All the details of each client will be organized for you. They'll feel appreciated because you remember everything about them and what they need. It makes them feel like they're your only client..

We're Here for You. We're on a team together.

The company intranet allows for fast, open communication with us and all of the other agents. And we provide you with sophisticated online training materials. We do whatever we can to help you grow, establish a reputation, build relationships, and earn more money.

Read more about the benefits of joining us here.

Start earning the commission you deserve!

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24/7 Broker Support

An Experienced Mentor

Elite Agents founder Kari King is an experienced broker with 10+ years in the real estate industry. She has seen it all and can offer guidance and support through any of your transactions.

Phone, Skype, or Email

Get the support you need through any medium that suits you best. We are highly responsive to emails and texts. You'll even have access to the broker's personal line.

Available 24/7

A digital agent can make sales any time of day or night. We know this and are available to help you when you need it most.

Cultivating Leads

Our digital systems help cultivate leads while you sleep. We advertise to clients and generate leads, supporting you to make sales

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